Your Troubles Exist to Serve You

Where do you stand on this statement? What troubles you exists to serve you.

How we love to think otherwise. If you don’t believe that upsetting situations are here to help you then you have no choice but to blame someone or something for their cause.

That blame makes you a victim and victims are at the mercy of others.

Is that your intention to be at the random mercy of someone else’s needs?

You were created by a loving Universe in order to thrive joyfully. If you aren’t thriving joyfully then you’re likely refusing to see your troubles as a beneficial blessings.

In a benevolent universe everything exists for your benefit. Even your troubles exist in order to shine a light on life areas where you’re out of alignment and living smaller than you could be.

Your troubles serve you by seizing your attention. Troubles lock onto your life like a heat seeking missile and ignoring its flight only intensifies its aim.

Until finally you explode by hitting bottom or awaken by using your considerable inner power to change your life.

Everything we do to avoid or cover up our emotional explosions only add fuel to the fire.

The only way out is in. You must go within to see the path of your special redemption. Experience has shown you that what you see working for others only frustrates you.

Honoring wisdom is an individual pursuit and can only be claimed by you for you.

Only by going within will you clearly see a relevant insight that’s so astonishing that it blinds you to all other paths.

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