Your Only True Path Could Be Within

If working hard using effortful actions is the path you’ve taken then it either works and feels very right or it doesn’t work leaving you frustrated, spent and bitter.

If you get excited by the strategy and results of others but find yourself unable to replicate them, know this. There is nothing inherently wrong with you. You’re just walking an untrue path for you.

“There are two fundamental paths that you can walk in this life: For some of you, extraordinary effort will work for achieving what you want. For others, you made an agreement with yourself on a soul level before you incarnated that you could only achieve what you want in life through inner alignment.”

Justin Faerman

Could the only right path for you be inner inspired and directed? If so no amount of hard work and dedication will make you happy, prosperous and fulfilled.

Can you relate to this self-sabotaging cycle? You read about the results of another and this energizes you to create something similar for yourself — only to fall flat on your face when you didn’t have the energy or inclination to persist until fruition.

Failure is never a permanent outcome, it’s only life’s way of nudging us back onto the right path.

I bounced back and forth from failed burdensome working to deep inquiry repeatedly over the last four decades until I finally recognized that especially for me, the only way out is within.

Yes, some of us, must firmly commit to an inward path to fulfill our chosen destinies.

Now you know why I write so much about accepting what is and feeling ones feelings. For myself and many others the outer path of doing will never completely gratify as well as inward directed feeling and being.

I can still recall a conversation I had with a coaching client over 20 years ago. I kept guiding him to work within because it was intuitively obvious that his external efforts were disheartening him. Finally in frustration and resisting anything deep and personal he raised his voice and said. “You call yourself a business coach can’t you just coach me on my business?”

Of course I could but I wouldn’t because no amount of hard work could work for him. He might have gutted it out and reached some success but success never lasts when it is created through misalignment.

I realized then that taking action in the outer realm was not his one true path but his repression of inner needs was so strong that he’d mistaken vulnerability with weakness. No amount of urging would get him to look within even though his outer efforts continued to create self-doubt and self-contempt.

This was a classic case of getting in one’s own way. Is this possibly you? If so you can probably relate to the following frustrating situations.

• You feel personally lacking when comparing yourself to others who are walking the outer action path and succeeding.
• You’ve tried using affirmations but they only temporarily work to inspire you. Instead they feel limiting and heavy.
• Your self-contempt and fearful thoughts are rooted in failed attempts trying to go from without to within.
• Many of your decisions feel energetically empty.

It’s practically impossible to respect yourself when you shun telling the truth to yourself about yourself. Although this is a logical and common reaction because most of the world still believes that the only path to success is effort.

But that’s not your way. It never has been and that was clear to you when you choose the more challenging path to enlightenment. So quit beating yourself up about it.

Instead love the fact that things can and will fall into place for you only after you begin honoring your one true way to fulfill your destiny.

Of course you’ll still need to take some action but when walking the right path the action will be inner directed action that always feels inspired and meaningful.

This the inner directed path is the only one that works for me. If you feel the same way I’m ready to guide your inner journey because I’m familiar with the route, likely obstacles and true north.

Quit seeking answers from others. Their map is different from yours.

True lasting fulfillment, joy and abundance await your most sacred decision to only be who you truly are.

That’s more than enough for you to shine and thrive.