Working Together

Your powerful coaching journey begins with a connecting phone conversation to reveal exactly where you are, where you want to be and what you think is getting in the way of your progress. Many clients experience exceptional value just with this initial realization of clarity.

Powerful coaching reveals the most effective and fulfilling way for each client to move forward so each unique journey is customized to give the client an energetic edge that works only for that client.

If you’re comfortable moving forward after our initial phone conversation and if you are local, then I’ll give you the option of meeting for coffee so you can get a personal sense of who you’re working with.

Then you’d respond to a half dozen or so intake questions in writing and we’d use your responses to set the objectives for our work together. No pressure here. There are no right or wrong answers only the truth that comes up for you.

Next we’d schedule a series of hour-long phone sessions, most likely three monthly over a minimum of 90 days.

Before each powerful coaching session you’d send me, a brief email report sharing how well you’ve done since our last session as well as what you want to cover in this session. Regardless of your performance, it’s not my job to judge you and I won’t. Most folks never get to experience the incredible energy of having a wise and competent professional in their corner. I’ll be available when you need me and always, I’ll have your back.

Each session consists of a totally open conversation where natural agreements will surface. I’d ask you if you wanted to accept each agreement to be completed before our next session. You always get the choice to say yes or no to each agreement. I’ll send you an email report confirming our agreements after each session.

Everything discussed in a session is totally confidential. There may be a few items where I’d ask you if you wanted to share your progress with a key supporter but that will be up to you.

If you have trouble completing an agreement, you’ll know that you can send me a quick message and if need be, we’ll have a 10-minute laser session to get you back on track. That way you’ll always be making progress. A series of small steps that you want to take will accumulate to a wonderfully changed life of your own making.

In between sessions I am always available for a 10- or 15-minute laser session to keep your focus and energy flowing the way that works well for you.

The next step is up to you. Send me an email with two at least afternoon dates and times between 2:30 and 5:00 PM Eastern time that work well for you. I’ll respond swiftly by confirming our appointment and giving you a conference line number so we can record our conversation for your review.