Why energy precedes experience.

Energy precedes experience because it actually creates the experience.

Energy is the animating life blood of our existence and to allow the quality and direction of its flow to chance is mere ignorance.

This is a lesson that must be learned firsthand. Energy always precedes experience. Understanding energy must be felt in the body and cannot be grasped intellectually.

But you already know this. You’ve repeatedly accepted your feelings as reliable input into your decisions. You may have even done this without knowing why energy is such a powerful fuel and indicator.

“It is the quality of your attention that has everything to do with the quality of your experience.” Richard Moss

Yes, our minds are best used as focusing tools. What we primarily look at determines the quality of our experience. And for every experience there is a forerunning flow of energy that exists to give us a heads up.

If what we pay attention to uplifts us then we have increased our affirmative energy along with the likelihood of receiving what we intended. But if our repeated attention is unsettling in nature than we have colored our energy flow with doubt and uneasiness.

The first recognition of a shift in energy alerts us to an intuitive read on what’s coming. That’s why open but neutral is always the best uncluttered starting place from which to launch your desires.

Pure, unbiased neutrality is the strongest foundation for proactively launching energy so that it creates desired results. If you can’t feel the outcome you want with a sincere, big ass smile on your face then you’ll likely fall short of the mark.

Energetic neutrality cleans the slate of resistance so that our intention is true and directed intelligently. It’s like moving a leaf from the likely path of a putted golf ball so the ball flows where intended.

Energetic neutrality is best created by grounding the body and using breath to quiet the mind. Faith in Universal Love also guides our willingness to allow fruitful yet unknown possibilities to flourish. That’s why meditation is such a powerfully cleansing process, it aligns our energy while notifying the Universe that we would appreciate some guidance.

Like electricity, your personal vigor is the source of usable power. That’s why it’s so silly to waste energy in resistant activities like road rage and other annoyances that you could have just as easily allowed to flow uninterrupted out of your energy field.

You are always at choice as to how you spend your energy. To illustrate this the next time you are about to use your electric dryer or other demanding appliance take a look at how fast your electric meter is spinning on the outside of your house. Then take another look at the accelerated pace after you turn the dryer on.

I wish we all had such a meter that illustrated how we were flowing our energy. If we did we’d see how the resistance of rage creates more heat than our dryers and burns off irreplaceable energy that we could have used constructively.

Energy is also Divinely Intelligent because it indicates the authenticity of our hearts’ desires. Your heart knows what’s right for you and always has and the flow of your energy lights the way.

To review, your personal energy is the lifeblood of your existence, the fuel of all creation and also a Divinely Intelligent gauge of heart’s alignment. I sure hope that this understanding encourages you to wisely harness and direct the flow of your energy.

Energy precedes experience because its flow is conducted through our bodies. Since our bodies are energetic conduits doesn’t it make sense that energy exists to be recognized, fully felt and directed to our desired outcomes?

This understanding is crystal clear to me right now but I enjoy having my mind changed. As always, if you have an assertion or a challenging question that I have not addressed I’d love to hear it.

Energy precedes experience because it is both life-giving and life sustaining. Without energy there could be no life and no experience.