Who are you really kidding?

I often write about telling your truth to yourself and others because usually the story we tell is burdened with half-truths, undeveloped hopes and masked authentic desires all intensified by self-doubt and fears.

We’ve all been in dark places and the only way to begin finding a way out is to acknowledge where we are.

In my experience, coaching folks beyond their fears, I’ve learned how incredibly courageous some of us need to be just to trust enough to begin letting someone else in.

It’s fulfilling for me to dive deep into the messes of my client’s lives because I realized early on that whatever challenge we’re facing – it’s not real. It’s a fabricated story that we create to protect ourselves from hearing and acknowledging the stark and beautiful reality of what our true lives could be.

Essentially, we’re so blinded by our stories that the glimpse and early whispers of the lives we could be living appear too good to be true.

I’ve been there and this is what I remember. It’s like I had this feeling of being lost but since I didn’t know where I wanted to go, I kept pretending that I was unaware. I kept re-creating misery while blindly living in the margins of what my true life could be.

Climbing Out into the Light

If you or someone you know finds themselves needlessly repeating lackluster living I want you to know that there’s an easier, more supportive way of seeing and stepping into the light.

The remainder of this message is especially for those of you who feel like you truly are stuck.

By the way, being subtly stuck is even more insidious because the mediocrity of almost ringing the bell keeps you unaware of hearing the true call of awakening. One can survive a long time by coming close; I know because I did that too.

You could go on living as you are until someone else acts and nudges you to the bottom. Hitting bottom really isn’t all that bad. At least the only way to go is up. But if you aren’t there yet then it’s way too easy to keep fibbing to yourself.

So, if your life partner asks for a divorce, or your boss fires you, or if your business fails, or even if you get that scary diagnosis know that there is always a grand blessing hidden within the tears and fears.

But if you don’t believe in the possibility of being blessed by your experience, you’ll stay numb to it and stuck forever.

That blessing begins to reveal itself when you begin to fearlessly speak the thoughts that come unbidden from your fractured and troubled mind.

Hearing your own fear expressed in raw honesty could embolden you to grab the life preserver of truth with everything you have. But don’t make the mistake of just speaking them to yourself. Your mind will never loosen its grip if you do that.

I know some of you reading this might be tempted to say … “It isn’t that bad yet.” But where do you think you’re likely headed?

You really don’t have to hit bottom to begin climbing out. Your soul, (higher self, truth within) is ready to steady the ladder; all you need to do is to drop your ridiculous story.

Nothing was ever done to you. Everything that you’ve experienced has happened for you.

I’ve personally been blessed with divorce, business failure, bankruptcy and now cancer so I want you to know that all of it was created (often unintentionally and subconsciously) by me so that I could awaken and clear the way with more life-enriching actions, thoughts and feelings.

I began this message asking you who you were really kidding. If you have the gumption to admit that you’ve been pulling the wool over your own eyes, then there’s hope for you not in the future but now.

If you can find the courage to admit that it’s you who is primarily responsible for the quality of your life, then you’re ready to see the light.

One caution. If you allow your mind to tell you what’s possible then you’ll go on pretending that your present turmoil isn’t really that bad. It’s too easy to convince yourself that the life you really want is too hard or too upsetting to others to grasp. Don’t do that.

You or someone you know could really use the experience of being unconditionally and fully heard without judgement or repercussions.

If who’ve never worked with a guide who will challenge your bull and show you other possibilities that you just can’t see, while firmly having your back, then here’s your chance. I’m reaching out with a strong grip and I will not drop you back into the hole of your story.

Just reply to this message and tell me why you’re ready to see and seize the life you’ve always wanted to live. Know this. You are far more ready and equipped than you think you are, and I’ll prove it to you in one conversation.

If you know someone well enough to offer them this chance at awakening, please forward them this message.

Lately I’ve been helping lost young adults from 18-25. That can be an especially dark age because life often shows them the failure of trying to be someone who they are not without showing them who they are meant to be.