Which of your beliefs differentiate you?

Which of your stronger viewpoints are you willing to publicly stand for?

Which of your personal opinions are most controversial according to collective consciousness?

Everyone is sure of something. We are most sure of concepts that we have proven repeatedly through personal experience. These things we know to be true. These are the the beliefs that differentiate you.

Yet there are things we know to be true and other things that we hope are true.

It’s the as yet unproven beliefs that cause us to waiver, argue and resist what we hear and that resistance actively pushes us away from what we want.

Unfortunately speaking about what we don’t want puts us into vibrational resistance to what we do want.

It’s vital to know and express what sets you apart from others in your field so prospective clients can identify what especially resonates with them.

Knowing what we stand for (that we’ve also experienced) is especially important because that knowing gets expressed confidently and calmly without the need to argue its merits.

Taking the time to understand and express one’s individual differentiating viewpoints allows others to imagine themselves enjoying the value that each viewpoint promises.

Here’s where many have weakened their stance because of an imagined imposter syndrome.

Many of us grew up in non-supportive surroundings that weaken rather than strengthen self-confidence. As a result we ask. “Who am I to guide others when I’m uncertain myself?”

Yet this line of inquiry erodes self-worth and self-worth is essential for vibrational assurance.

What can be done about it? You could realize this fact. We are all somewhere on the journey and if you are even ½ step further along than those you guide then you are more than good enough to show them the way.

Begin by reflecting on and writing about a few big questions of self-inquiry like:

Where will I take a stand even if it’s unpopular for me to do so?

What differentiating factors set me apart from others in my field?

What controversial viewpoints am I most sure of?

Which unique viewpoints am I most proud of?

Somewhere within your responses will be the thread of a truly distinguishing opinion that will favorably set you apart. I’d be honored to work with you on your differentiating beliefs. You believe them so you may as well leverage their value.