What You May Have Forgotten about You

I know these attributes about you because we all share them as human beings. I’m inviting you to read each statement while feeling its accompanying power. 
Since these aspects are all connected as the story of us by resisting the truth of any you may deny yourself the blessing of all.
You thirst for acknowledgement of who you are, as you are, right now. 

You are an individual expression of Life Force Energy.

As such most limitations that confine you are within your power to release. 

As a limitless loving being it hurts to experience anything less than total support.

Unconditional support with adoration can be experienced by being in a totally non-judgmental environment.

Within such an environment it would be safe to seek the unique truth that is meant only for you. 

Your truth is found within you, deeper than you think and deeper than anything you already know or could find outside of yourself.
Choosing to be more consistently present with who you are by aligning with and acting on your truth influences the quality of what you receive. 

All things that have yet to be became realities because someone believed that they could be.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be recognized and supported in such a loving environment? Pause and feel that now.