What exactly makes you uniquely special?

Do you know what truly sets you apart from others in your profession?  In this message you’ll see where to look and why it matters. 

Primarily I work with existing solo service providers and those who want to start a practice.  In both cases, knowing your unique attributes is essential to being chosen.

Regardless of your sliver of business, it’s a very crowded marketplace for coaches, consultants, therapists and healers.  Whether prospective clients are aware of it or not, this is the question running through their minds when they look to hire a trusted guide. 

Why should I hire you, over all other options, including doing nothing? The answer you give is also the answer to this question. What exactly makes you uniquely special?

Knowing and being able to clearly communicate your points of differentiation is critical to being hired.  New practitioners may not have yet developed all of these attributes but no matter how much you’ve lived, know that you do have the innate ability to bring these forth. 

Point of Differentiation for Service Practitioners arranged by perceived value and impact in the clients’ mind, from least valuable to most. 

9. Processes used by practitioners to get results. This is usually what new practitioners care about the most and what prospective clients care about the least. Clients only care if you can help them reach desired clarity and make progress. 

8. Service Structure which includes the number of recommended sessions, where and how conducted, frequency, availability between sessions and fee.

7. Relevant Approaches (ways into addressing and framing challenges) defined by the client as desired and needed.

6. Unique Abilities or superpowers and the practitioner’s ability to express efficacy for specific clients. For example, one of my unique abilities is profound discernment, defined as the capacity to go deeply into the heart of what truly matters. 

5. Unique Viewpoints, the more original and controversial the better. Some examples:

It’s feeling, not understanding that restores emotional harmony and equilibrium. Michael Brown

Conformity, the fear of standing out, increases pretense and decreases feelings of belonging that we crave.  Tom Volkar

Vibrations or bodily sensations only become emotions after we attach thoughts to them. Arnold Patent

4. Dynamic Listening Skills that demonstrate the ability to truly hear what the client’s communicating, beyond the spoken word into the energetic realms of felt senses and spiritual meaning.  

3. Results & Experience proven by testimonials and case studies.

2. Practitioner’s Willingness to demonstrate genuineness, vulnerability and how much they truly care. 

1. Advanced Intuitive Skills and the courage to use them, regardless of obvious relevance.

Master just three of the above and you’ll increase your client connection.

Master three more and you’ll increase mutual trust.

Master 7 to 9 and  you’re life will get infinitely easier because then you’ll be guided by your heart instead of your head. 

If you’re a new coach or considering becoming one, know that all life experience is useful.  

My 23 years of coaching experience make this an advanced list of what makes you uniquely special. Other experienced practitioners may debate the order.  But if you truly want to demonstrate unique value, your work is to identify, practice and develop each of these valuable characteristics. 

If you want to go deep to recover the benefits of your differences go here to read about working with me.