What can you do when nothing seems to work?

When nothing seems to work we're obviously resisting the very action that could set us free.

Life isn’t meant to be that difficult. Yet if it's challenging for you then it’s because your resistance is blocking the flow of positive possibilities.

Resistance is any force that tends to retard or oppose motion. The trouble is that we can’t always see where we are getting in our own way.

Every aspect of your life is attempting to move on to the next exciting chapter and your own personal resistance is the only thing preventing freedom from emerging.

Embracing what already exists in your life is the most energy efficient way to live. Yet most of us would rather play the victim/cynic and blame others or life itself for our troubles.

Resistance is a complete waste of energy because it never works. Our fear of really seeing what’s present drives us to continue resistant strategies even if we are primarily unconscious to them.
Anything short of a full embrace is resistance. To embrace is to eagerly or gladly receive what is and to accept it willingly. Embracing what already exists in our lives is always the next step in our ever-evolving enlightenment.

Seven deadly acts of resistance:

1. Confusion is no excuse. If you don’t know what to do then start by embracing what you say you don’t understand.

2. Blaming others doesn’t work. If you feel like a victim begin by owning what you’ve blamed others for doing.

3. Pretending never works. Insisting that everything is fine and nothing is wrong is the most damaging lie you’re telling yourself. Begin by answering this question. What truths have I been afraid to reveal?2. 

4. Numbing via substances is ineffectual. Trying not to feel is like trying not to breathe. The feelings, no matter how intense, exist to bring you back to the powerful present.

5. Avoiding by distraction or deflection is just lying to yourself. The need for bigger stories will keep intensifying until you face exactly what you’ve been running from.

6. Fighting what is because you think you know a better way can’t work because nothing is here for you to resist. It’s all here for you to embrace wholeheartedly.

7. Maintaining via the status quo via self-judgement is impossible. Change is life and resisting change eventually erodes into the most insidious cause of death.

There is nothing stopping you from telling the full truth to yourself. It’s the only way to literally save your own life.
Claim your freedom today. Look at the area of your life where you’ve been using one or more of the deadly acts of resistance. Then ask. "What exactly have I been resisting that I could be embracing?"

Have the courage to write down everything that comes to you. Then embrace it willingly.

Go ahead and embrace what you used to resist. You’ll be okay. Your higher self can’t lie to you. When nothing works embrace what is and love your way onward.