What are you worth to humanity?

Your worth to humanity is invaluable but do you know that to be true?

Even if you have a sense of your innate worth have you brought it forward in your life and work? And (here’s the true test) do others recognize it as valuable?

Two things determine your worth.

Your willingness to go within and bring back your greatest wisdom.

Your savviness in expressing that wisdom in a way that others recognize as valuable.

“Who we are matters immeasurably more than what we know or who we want to be.”
Brene Brown

So who are you my friend? Brene Brown gives us an invaluable clue to this exploration.

Our ultimate value is not determined by what we know because we’ve likely picked up what we know from others. Our greatest value is also not determined by what we want because aspirations also can be influenced outside of us in the world.

Our true value is realized in who we are. So do you know who you are?

We’re talking about the most sacred journey within that an individual can take and what you already know can’t help you here.

You must be willing to thrust yourself wholeheartedly into the unknown within and the best way to equip yourself for this journey is by using the guidance of unfamiliar questions.

What’s the value of a question you’ve never asked yourself?

“Life is an ever unfolding answer to all of the questions we’ve previously asked. Want a different quality of experience? Ask different questions.” Michael Brown

Here’s a little test. In this moment pause from your reading and think of the most challenging experience you’re presently facing. Yes, go into and feel the story of your pain. Feel the scary judgment that it brings up. Now aloud ask yourself this question without rushing to answer it.

I wonder, what else is possible here that I can’t quite see?

Did you feel the shift in energy brought about just by curiously considering the unknown possibilities?

Ask a never before considered question and realize a never before arrived at insight.

Fresh insight always comes with the energy of undetermined possibilities.
The energy and consciousness of undetermined possibilities is what you need to arrive at new insights about your innate value.

That newfound awareness comes only within the midst of an exploratory inquiry. You mind can’t help you here because it will only bring forth what you already know.

If you truly want to grasp and have others recognize your greatest gift to humanity then you must include the following components.
• An openness and willingness to explore the unknown within.
• An immersion into the supportive and encouraging energy of possibilities.
• An inquiring, savvy guidance to coax out your wisdom.
• And, expert wordsmithing to make it recognizable, relevant and meaningful to others.
Fortunately for you this is the essence of my work. Go here to inquire about us working together