Reality only exists because you see it that way

Do you see it this way? Reality only exists because that’s the way you see it.

For 45 years I’ve been exposed to this teaching. We become what we think about.

True but incomplete. Only for the last 15 years have I’ve also known that it’s not just thoughts that contribute to our reality. Deeper than thoughts, are beliefs and how those beliefs cause us to feel.

At some further point this hit home. Complicating this profound understanding is the further realization that most of our beliefs come to us unconsciously, without our permission, or even awareness, because the beliefs exist within the collective unconscious we’ve been exposed to.

So your upbringing and who you hang with presently does matter because both heavily influence your beliefs.

Furthermore you can’t shortcut the process of personal evolution. As you can see by my own experience, it can take a lifetime to almost get there. But the further one evolves the closer one gets to effortless creation.

Effortless creation, where things just fall into place, is a wonderfully natural way of being that can eliminate so much hustle and doing.

At the foundation of evolution and personal consciousness is individual reality and understanding that one can only evolve to the extent that one releases and heals all limiting beliefs and emotional trauma.

To heal both beliefs and emotions you must feel them as if you are presently experiencing them because that’s not what you did when they first arose. You resisted and avoided and sometimes numbed those feelings (like we all initially do).

If you are right now living a life less than you desire it’s because these emotionally heavy past traumas still need to be healed and released.

Most folks never get beyond this stage because the processing seems so tiring and burdensome.

But I’m happy to report that you can get there and beyond.

I’ve primarily used a combination of inner child work, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and meditation for the feelings and books like Michael Brown’s, The Presence Process, and Mickey Singer’s, The Untethered Soul, for deeper intellectual and emotional understanding.

But there are many other healing modalities that all work if you do the work yourself. Healers, guides and coaches can take you right up to the path of clarity but you must walk it on your own because only you can actually feel for you.

I like how Justin Faerman, puts it. “Reality will always conform to your opinion of it. Choose to interpret life as if everything is happening in your favor, because it actually is.”

I get that this could be a big leap for you but it’s a leap that will make all the difference.

It’s a leap that finally will cause you to trade in your blame and victimhood for responsibility. Then you’ll retire your frustration and quit screaming “why me!” while blaming God for disasters and personal calamities.

You’ll know the why me because you’ll know it was always you. You chose to come to this version of existence so you can experience everything and remember how beautiful life as a conscious being truly is.

God, (Source, Higher Power, Life Force Energy) never gives you a situation that is too big for you. You can grow beyond it, if it’s come to you, because Universal Awareness, (Divine Intelligence) orders it up on your behalf, for your benefit.

Are you open to considering this truth? Try it on for a week and you’ll begin to feel the freeing responsibility of coming into your own power.

If you want to jumpstart this process read about personally working together with me on your behalf. It feels incredibly freeing to know that someone honorable always has your back.