Calling in Authentic Love

Part 1


Calling In Authentic Love is the energetic process of increasing your probability of calling forth an authentically aligned match.  

Calling in means that you confidently and energetically send out very specific vibes of possibility designed to alert potential mates seeking the same. An authentically accurate, intentional broadcast with loving energy will arouse them to notice and be vibrationally drawn towards you and the complete package of what you have to offer.

This is a sacred journey of guide and participant so for the remainder of this invitation I’ll be speaking directly to you. Please read my words with full attention while feeling the possibilities of personal success deeply, so that you can consciously determine if you are willing to do and be everything in your power to energize your call. Deep inner work is necessary to attract an optimally aligned potential partner who is worthy of your love and growth.


The Invitation

This journey is in two parts because I want you to be certain to commit to making this exploration the number one priority in your life right now. Anything less than that level of commitment will not work for you.


Part one, explained on this page, empowers you to decide if you are self-qualified to continue. It’s important for you to know that this adventure is a shared responsibility of trust and connection. Together we’re entering a loving contract based on holding nothing back and trusting one another completely. For this call to work for you, you must believe that the process is working. 


Although the 90 minutes zoom call that you can register for today is primarily information, it's my intention to give you an actual feel for the upcoming full experience (Part Two) so you thoroughly know what’s expected and what’s to come. As we begin this open-hearted journey I want you to know that we share the responsibility for making this work for you. By being fully present in this upcoming 90 minutes you’ll be crystal clear on what it takes to send out a clear invitational broadcast that your optimal match can receive and respond to. 


The Main Thing

The full (Part Two) experience consists of the following nine modules to be taught in six consecutive weekly webinars of 60-90 minutes.  Each session will be recorded and sent to you the next day. It’s highly recommended that you stay on track because each builds upon the previous. 

  1. Opening your heart to greater connection

  2. Being uniquely & shamelessly you

  3. Increasing your capacity to trust and receive

  4. Clearing the space for true love to appear

  5. Learning the language of increased possibilities

  6. Knowing exactly what you want

  7. Creating & energizing your vision

  8. Activating love energy to call him/her in

  9. Supporting your vision in the physical realm


What you’ll receive in Part One

In Part One I’ll explain what you’ll learn during each module and why it’s necessary to call in your love. Most importantly we’ll dive into the energetic experience by co-creating heart moving energies and sending them out. 


Breaking News

Interested participants have given me feedback that they prefer to be coached individually in this material. So there will not be a group coaching experience until some later date. Email me @ if you too wish to register for individual coaching. 




What will be expected of you during the full experience 

This is a full immersion experience with sacred being, thinking, feeling, speaking and doing practices to be honored every single day. To successfully call your life partner in the flow of energy must be uninterrupted. 



Meet your guide

My name is Tom Volkar and I’ve been coaching continuously since 1998.  My marriage of 19 years ended around 2000 and since then I’ve had six meaningful relationships all with women I’ve loved. As my consciousness has evolved I’ve gotten gradually clearer on the love that I dearly desire. As my clarity increased so did my discernment, so I began spending less and less time exploring misaligned possibilities. 


In March of this year I began using visioning to call in my authentic love. Around Memorial day I called her in and we enjoyed 90 days of bliss until we both came to the truth that our match was missing a key component. We so much wanted it to work that we both ignored the one part that didn’t. Yet I have felt the power of this process working and I’m confident that I can guide you to use it as well. Since I’m once more envisioning my love I’ll be utilizing it right along with you in this expereince.


I’m honored to be your guide and I know that by following this process you can increase the probability of meeting your own authentic love.


Your part one investment

Far too many folks purchase programs like this one and then never do the work to receive the value. I don’t want that for you, that's why I’m asking you to invest $20. for this Part One preview.  By investing in this initial  overview you’ll understand before you purchase the main program how much of a fit it is for you. In essence you’ll pre-qualify yourself for the full six week program. 


During this initial experience you’ll get to create a mini-vision that allows you to actually feel the flow of energy out into the universe and you’ll get to feel that energy coming back to you stronger than it was sent. Words alone can’t adequately describe this experience that’s why it must be felt. 


Calling In Authentic Love is an experience that’s truly distinctive and completely unique. By trusting one another to co-create your unique visualization together we'll be sending out energetic inquiries that can only bring in love that’s unique to you. Imagine what it will be like when you first meet the man or woman who was made for you. Can you feel the exhilaration in such a meeting? 



Your safe space

It’s my intention to create a safe place for all while giving each a chance to grow beyond their comfort zone. In order to get the maximum benefit for both part one and part two you must do your best to consistently and daily complete the suggested actions. One practice is to vulnerably share what you’re feeling and where you stand. Such sharing allows the free flow of giving, receiving and energetic support from your guide and from your fellow participants.


But I get it. Even though each participant will be held to a pledge of confidentiality some just aren’t yet comfortable putting their personal business out in the open. Additionally some folks are naturally shy and have a hard time expressing themselves.  For those of you who are in this category I want you to know that you will never be forced to express. This loving experience will also work for you as long as you complete the work and allow your confidence and faith to incrementally build.