Looking Where Truth Cannot Be Found

Truth cannot be found with a closed heart.

Recently I was on a dating site talking with a lady who told me that I was too deep for her. She proudly boasted about her preference for surface relationships. It was clear that we weren’t a match because she thought that she’d find true love without opening her heart.

Truth cannot be found on the surface of things. Truth can’t be found without going within because it’s special.

Truth is unique. Truth is individual. Truth is rare. It’s not commonplace, usual or readily available.

Truth requires a sincere journey within our hearts and souls. Truth can’t be found by observing and replicating another.

Look at the special journeys we describe as authentic. We reserve the truth for our most heartfelt, sacred journeys, those of true calling and true love.

So what does it mean to go within?

Going within means considering our alignment by feeling how well it matches what’s felt in our hearts.

If it doesn’t bring you joyfully alive by feeling it within – it will never bring you joy once externally activated.

You don’t have to jump out of an airplane or climb a mountain to feel alive! Just vulnerably open your heart to another or to a true calling that’s never before been realized and you’ll feel more alive than any adrenalized experience.

What’s a good first step to go within? Increase your awareness by asking and answering questions like these.

Where am I playing it safe on the surface of life when I could be going within?

What was I doing when I’ve felt the most alive? Could I do more of that now?

What does it feel like when I’m being my true self? Could I be that now?

There are a few tools that can make your journey within more sure footed. Contact me if you’d like to know more about how to use them.