Living your deeper truth

Most likely you already know everything in this message about your truth. Yet it’s worth a read because, like me, you probably aren’t consistently living your deeper truth.  Unless every important area of your life is peaceful and joyous you have a deeper truth yet to live. 

Life is not a bitch. Life is a blessing. Dissatisfaction, disease and disturbance of every kind blesses us with consistence opportunities to awaken to our deeper truth. 

The Universe, God or Life Force Energy (different names for the same Divine guidance) has installed a knowing compass within you that will always show you what your true north is.  This knowing can only be seen by going within so all searches outside of your own internal wisdom are futile.  

Life as we know it is perfect. That means that everything that happens to us really happens for us. So everything is valid and required for us to see the truth we’ve been resisting.  

Resistance appears in many forms and circumstances but in every case it shows up as a course correction so we can see what our deeper truth is not. Resistance is always on the surface of life but isn’t always recognized as a conscious choice.  Unconscious, automatic reactions to events that we’ve mislabeled as something to avoid are the most damaging to our energy. The more we avoid them the more off track we get so the intensity of small annoyances eventually become highly disturbing developments. The only way to live your deeper truth is to become aware of it.

If in resistance you are either withholding love from yourself or from another in the form of judgment.  There’s nothing wrong or malfunctioning with you or with your knowing. Your knowing can cut through the fog of resistance and illuminate your very personal way to live your truth. 

Here’s a starting intention (prayer) that works for me. Use it will the resolve of heart-felt energy and it will work for you.  

Life Force Energy, I am open and willing to see the truth that’s meant especially for me. Would you please reveal it for my _____________ so that I am living this truth in peace and harmony? Thank you, I am grateful.  

Of course you want to intend to see the truth in the specific area in which you feel it’s most currently lacking peace be it health, relationships, career, abundance or any other area. 

Be boldly alive within your deeper truth and your life will be eternally blessed.