Are you ready and willing to actualize your life?

Actualization is the fulfillment of your greatest potential, realizing your divine purpose, and living your sacred intention.

Imagine how your life might be different if you chose to only work on your number one life priority? 

What could happen if you invested the next six months focused on what truly matters most to you, no matter what?

Let your imagination soar to new heights, because by focusing your attention and energy on your number one priority for 26 consecutive weeks, your life will radically change. 

Imagine no more false starts, incompletions, or abandoned plans.
Imagine far less doubt and hesitation.
Envision steadily evolving into the life champion you were meant to be. 

Choosing your number one life priority is not the only benefit of this deeply spiritual work. 

This fulfillment is further fortified by activating only one of three great life desires: Robust Health, Unconditional Romantic Love, or Purposeful Vocation.

Most of us are dearly missing one of these desires more than the other two. If you’ve already attained all three, kudos to you. You don’t need this guidance

But if you’re willing to open your heart in conscious pursuit of the desire that you’re most missing, you’ll join the ranks of the very few who are actualizing.  

What usually gets in the way of this glorious pursuit?

  • The lack of effective accountability.
  • The lack of a sustainable guiding structure.
  • Intermittent or missing unconditional support.
  • Choosing less than your number one life priority.
  • Fears such as, I‘m too old. It’s too late. I’m running out of time.
  • Fear of consequences from succeeding in making that change.
  • Failure to tell the complete truth to yourself about yourself and about what matters most to you.

What’s the solution?

Highest Priority Laser Coaching for the Spiritually Aware

Every aspect of this new and bold coaching is uniquely designed to continuously support as you honor your most essential life priority.

Time: Instead of the usual 30-60 minute sessions, each is a laser-focused 15 minutes.

Covenant: You agree to only work on the most meaningful, highest priority of your life.

Intake: Within one business day of payment, you will receive a seven-question form with a link to schedule your intake session.  

Structure: After the return of your intake responses, you and I will hold one 30-minute session to clarify objectives and determine the scope of the work.  Then you’ll have an unlimited number of 15-minute laser sessions as long as you report on the completion of the agreements from the previous session before scheduling the next one.  Your 26-week program begins on the date of your first laser session. 

Pre-session Focus: 15 minutes prior to each session you’ll use a combination of meditation, deep breathing, and visualization to create the ideal session intention. You’ll receive guidance on how to do this prior to your first session. I’ll use the same tools to center my focus on your behalf. Twenty-four hours before each session you’ll send me a brief email report on your progress, new realizations, and upcoming focus.

In Session Focus: During each session we will only work towards clarity and progress on your chosen single issue.

Support: In addition to an unlimited number of laser sessions, you also will receive unlimited email support between sessions.  It’s essential that you sustain expansive energy throughout and this just-in-time support will keep the encouragement and momentum flowing.  

Laser-Focused Results

  • This structure allows you to achieve your ideal outcome with less effort and less time. 
  • It’s not about the amount of work you do and the time it takes you to do it. 
  • It is about the quality of work you do and the consistency and frequency of doing it. 
  • In session time is not where the most value is created. 
  • Value is created by activating the guidance you receive and by frequently and consistently engaging that guidance.  Cultivating a garden daily allows no time for weeds to sprout.

Over 180 days, we’ll work together focusing on actualizing by:
Digging deeply into your distinctiveness and its core value.
Eliminating the cause of distraction and procrastination.
Expanding beyond previously realized highs of energy and possibilities. 
Releasing fears and misunderstandings that previously sabotaged your effort. 
And if you’ve reached the age of an elder, we’ll also leverage spiritual urgency on your behalf. 

Spiritual urgency is the sacred urge within to actualize your most meaningful intention now. By doing so the urgent and important become one. 

Every champion needs a coach to shine the light on what’s possible while holding them accountable. 

Why me? In 22 years of coaching I’ve guided clients to success in every area of life. 

My personal journey actualizing my robust health proves what’s possible. 

My number one super power is getting to the heart of what matters most.

I don’t tolerate wasting time on lollygagging, bullshit, and fluff. 

Guiding you to your greatest possible actualization is the culmination of my life’s work and I’m honored to show you the way. 

Enroll today for only $997 for unlimited sessions over 26 weeks. 

This sacred work won’t be easy, but you won’t be walking alone. I promise you that I know the way forward and that you do have sufficient energy to actualize. I’ll be supporting and guiding you every step of the way. By committing to the journey you’ll feel an immediate uplift of energy and devotion. Following your highest excitement as your Highest Self is a glorious way to live!  After completing just a few weeks of sacred agreements, intuitive wisdom replaces stress.

There’s no finality to actualization.  Actualizing is an ongoing process. It’s a spiritual journey of increased awareness and devoted focus. It’s a consciously-chosen path that replaces living haphazardly.

Actualizing is a daily adventure of living into one’s full potential that fearlessly embraces life challenges.  

By actualizing, I guarantee that you’ll feel so blessed and energized that you’ll continue living as your Highest Self no matter what.