How to be recognized for your unique value.

Before others can recognize your unique value you must clearly see it and believe it for yourself.

If you haven’t yet been recognized for your unique value then the block is of your own making. To see and appreciate your unique value you must feel the feelings associated with high self-worth but if you judge yourself as not enough, those feelings cannot be felt.

As human beings we share a need for connection and belonging but we do a poor job of connecting with others who are able to acknowledge our value while unconditionally supporting our pursuits.

Who has your back regardless of what you do and say?

Romantic partners struggle to get their own needs out of the way and others find support difficult because subconsciously they balk at putting another first.

It takes an honorable, unbiased third party to point out the relevant clues that you are too close to see.

As a coach, my most important responsibility is to hold the sacred space of discovery, while pointing out the synchronicities and feeling the energies that my clients can’t yet feel and believe for themselves.

It’s tricky ground, exposing erroneous self-beliefs and replacing them with new possibilities – that’s why it takes the unique combination of unconditional support and firm accountability that a seasoned coach has developed.

As your coach I must believe in you and in your potential until you can see for yourself how wonderful you’ve always been.

As an aware being with access to Divine consciousness you hold the power to shape your own future. It’s essential to know that it’s your consciousness, not your circumstances, that are creating your reality.

If you aren’t creating it – then who is? Many clients, before coaching, hold a hidden habit of negative expectation and that depletes their realizations of valuable self-worth.

I frequently see this in solo service providers who want to start and grow their own optimal business. It comes up most often when they’re setting their own fees. If they already knew and recognized their own unique value then they would set a healthy fee commensurate with that value.

But if they undervalue their own worth then their potential clients also undervalue it. Both parties want the connection to feel special, trusting and upbeat about the possibilities. For that to happen long-standing limiting beliefs must be exposed and released.

Only then is h the space available for your long-buried magnificence to emerge. But once it does emerge and is taken to heart by you, then look out. The world awaits your special contribution to humanity and there is nothing like being chosen for your own uniqueness.

When upheavals occur, like we’ve all experienced in 2020, it falls upon each of us to stand tall and be the catalysts for transformation that deep within we know that we are.

I urge you to ponder the quality of life you’re now living. Are you living a life of recognized high self-worth or are you squandering your potential power because you fear risking the change?

“Fear is only information about a potential reality that is deeply unwanted.” ~ Teal Swan

Even though you may have sentenced yourself to a life rooted in negative expectation it’s never too late to make the meaningful difference that only you can. Take the first tiny step to explore working with me as your coach.