Going Within to Soothe Your Deepest Wound

Going within is the only way to make lasting change.

You might think you can fix your greatest challenge by changing your outer circumstances but you’d be wrong to assume that. Big, meaningful changes must begin by going within.

In my business startup coaching practice this has happened more often than not. I’m hired to guide the client to discover her ideal business and along the way she’ll end a lifeless 15 year marriage. Or the result of identifying core strengths, traits and values with a client leads to a deeper truth he thought he wasn’t ready to view.

The sacred self-honor of deep work causes one to see that the only path to freedom is to feel the wound that’s not been felt to face the truth that’s not been faced in order to live the life that’s yet to be lived and that is done by going within.

Navigating via Insight

Insight is the understanding of the true nature of something. It’s the recognition of what’s beneath emotional disturbance. Without insight we stumble around trying to discern using out sight and out sight is often imperceptible.

How Life Really Works

Like my clients, considering anything more meaningful ignites insight to go even deeper and nothing is as deep as your deepest wound.

Outer circumstances always reflect inner turmoil so Life will keep knocking with different versions of the same pain until you look within and answer. We are gifted with multiple varying opportunities because if our challenges were all the same we’d get used to them and never look within.

When we hurt we seek to understand so we construct stories in an attempt to explain what’s going on. We do this because we can’t stand not understanding.

Within the word is the clue to go within. We obviously need to look at what’s under our standing. Going within for wisdom is the only sure way. Standing and sticking with our stories only blocks the greater view beneath them.

The real and only value of the story is to show us the depth of emotional truth beneath it.

Your deepest wound still hurts you because it hasn’t been given a chance to heal with the only thing that will heal it. Feeling leads to healing because it releases the energy around the wound that’s been trapped within since you were a kid.

That’s why insight is so soothing. The very act of looking at what’s truly going on is calming and reassuring because often for the first time in our lives we are honoring the heavy hurt we’ve so far buried.

If you find yourself experiencing tough times know that your insight is willing and ready to soothe you. Know that you’re strong enough to really look at your deepest wound but it can only be seen within.

My most important work is guiding others through the emotional minefield of embracing what’s truly going on. An unbiased third party can often glimpse openings and approaches that we’ve been blind to. Let me know when you want to have a confidential, revealing conversation to begin the process of going within.