Create Deep & True Value with an Open Heart

Open hearted living creates the deepest and truest value for all.

If you aren’t willing to open your heart further then this post won’t resonate with you. But if you’re tired of working hard and spinning your wheels, if you know deep within that you could be living more magnificently and you want to live that way, then this inspiration is for you.

Imagine my friend, that you and I are sitting together bringing light to your life and I asked you this question. How might your life be enhanced if you enjoyed ever present bliss and inspiration in all ways, always?

I know it’s a deep and moving question. But if you bypass it without a response then you’re resisting going deep into your soul where your inner brilliance resides. If you keep reading and resist going deep then you’re playing the game of life with so much less energy and true guidance than you could be.

Please give yourself more than the urge to evade and not respond. Don’t just continue reading. Give yourself the gift of this response and your heart will begin to open. Read these aloud to yourself with an open heart and pen in hand.

“How might my life be enhanced if I enjoyed ever present bliss and inspiration in all ways, always?” Allow yourself to dream again, then also ask and respond to. “What could occur then that is not happening for me now?”

Love abounds. Bliss abounds. Prosperity abounds. Health and well-being abound. All things good already exist in abundance.

I know that’s hard to see looking out from a lens of fear, confusion or frustration. We’ve all been there and we can all emerge into a bright new world of possibilities. So I guess you’ll need to trust me on this. It’s all there waiting for you but it will never arrive without a deep and true loving within.

Recently I traveled to lush and prosperous Santa Barbara, California. During an intense three day flow immersion I released my deepest wounds and as a result my heart naturally stepped into its rightful place as the leader of my life. Upon returning home I made this pledge and by living it every waking moment everything is changing for the better.

I pledge to allow my open heart and love to guide my life, all of it, all the time, in every way.

I’d more or less dedicated my life to spiritual enhancement from the time I first walked into a Unity church in the early 80s. But I hadn’t gone deep enough to release my core wounds and I did not stay long enough with intermittent periods of bliss.

For me and every human being alive, it takes great courage to live this pledge and requires initially embracing both the light and darkness.

Most likely you’ve heard the Cherokee story of the two wolves. But the one circulating the Internet is a shortened version that misses the deeper meaning. Whether you’ve heard it or not, take 3 minutes to hear this truth now so you know the requirements of open-hearted living.

You must honor your core wounds by acknowledging them and feeling them before you can open your heart all the way to bliss. Yes, I know it hurts to do so but otherwise the dark wolf will remain in charge. Then no matter how far you soar as your true self, your scared little child within will bring you back to the beliefs and assumptions that support your deepest wounds.

Then you’ll forever live in and out of the shadows without steady light. Then you’ll feel sometimes inspired and sometimes confused. Sometimes energized and sometimes depleted.

For me it was a peak and valley experience of epic proportions in developing my truest calling. For others the core wounds dictate relationship, health, and or financial events.

Repeatedly, my true self would soar with an idea only to allow my wounded self to back off in fear of it not working. Or in some cases I created magnificent manifestations in business only to see them eventually fail when my wounds began once more to call the shots.

There’s no escaping this deep and powerful work.

Failing for not doing what you said you’d do is no reason to judge yourself. It’s not you as in your conscious mind that is giving up too soon or making another mistake. You’re being automatically and subconsciously directed by your core wounds as well as the overriding perceptions, projections and assumptions they’ve created.

Unworthiness intensifies every time we fail to keep our word to our true selves. But that’s no reason to resist the accompanying gift of meaning in this frustrating behavior. You were born worthy of your highest, most loving desires and you must recognize and allow your wounds to be felt in order to receive this privilege of magnificence.

You were born into the possibility of magnificence and it’s only your prevailing emotional wounds that have kept it from you.

Consciously open your heart daily while allowing your dark wolf to be present. Feel, acknowledge and embrace the darker pains. Your heart can take them, feel them and be stronger for it. Feel love for yourself and others.

Start with a pet, a baby or anything that brings forth natural love. Recall memories when you loved and were loved. What have you always appreciated about yourself? This too will open your heart further.

You can practice feeling more loved and loving. Repetition of this powerful emotion increases the presence of it in your life.

Somehow in some way you must get back to open-hearted living. Living with an open heart is the only way that you’ll make clear choices and honor the depth and value of who you are.

You can’t get there with a closed heart. But if you want to live a spectacular life the sacred shortcut has always been the same. Begin by loving yourself fully and completely.

Love yourself. Love your true essence and allow your open heart to lead you. It’s strong and ready to shine, powerful, magnetic light on all things good.