Counting on Yourself


What can you count on yourself for week after week?

Is it more likely that you’ll opt out of a commitment you’ve made to yourself or to another?

Following through as promised is more powerful than being free of promises.

Freedom is the power to determine action without restraint. Could our greatest freedoms be gained by consistently showing up and following through?

I’ve found that consistent, committed choices are more powerful than habits or even intentions.

There’s something sacred about a promise made to oneself and all promises to others are first promised to oneself.

It seems as though the most powerful human beings are those who love themselves unconditionally and following through as promised is one of the most powerful acts of love.

It’s an act of love because following through makes you exempt to self-judgment which is the most harmful of all choices.

What would it take to love yourself greater without restriction or limitation?

Make and deliver on a long term commitment that you know will enrich your life and the lives of others.

Count on yourself to consistently deliver and then deliver. By doing so your trust and dependability will increase in the eyes of those who have counted on you.

Sometimes a very small commitment like 10 minutes daily can change the world. Let me know if you’re interested in joining a small intentional healing group with the power of compounded energy to change the lives of all involved.