Connection Strengthens – Exclusion Weakens

This message is for you if you’re tired of going it alone and open to another way.  Connection strengthens the life force energy within us all. Excluding others weakens all things good.

Self-reliance is overvalued in our society because our minds like the idea of closing off and not needing any help.  

Yet our connection to one another spiritually is a pre-existing. Connection already is.  Acknowledging that connection strengthens our energetic bond is the most direct way to feel a real sense of togetherness.

When we fight or resist what is it hurts us and perpetuates the very condition we are fighting.  Exclusion is fueled by fear and leads to more of the same. But don’t take my word for it consider how you feel while connecting and while excluding.  

  • We include by opening our hearts.
  • We exclude by closing our minds
  • It feels hurtful to disassociate.
  • It feels enlivening to connect. 
  • Expressing goodwill feels heart-warming. 
  • Expressing hostility feels threatening. 

Excluding others via rejection and separation is justified by fearful scarcity thinking.  Including others via acceptance and approval acknowledges generosity and abundance.  Which makes you feel better?  

Awareness of the power of altruism is making a comeback as more and more of us experience receiving as a result of giving without the expectation of return.  

Recently I added group prayer to my cancer healing protocol by facilitating a Power of Eight group as developed by Lynne McTaggert.

Lynne has documented what she terms the rebound effect that proves the power of altruism. From her book: If you are suffering from some sort of condition, you’re more likely to overcome it once you turn your attention to someone else. If you have to choose between giving and receiving, there is no longer any question that it is better for your health to do the giving. 

Our group meets, on the phone, once a week and virtually the other six days where we simultaneously (for 10 minutes) send loving intentions to the recipients while imagining them being healthy and well in every way. 

Here’s my healing intention statement. Our intention for Tom is that all cancerous cells leave his body and to shrink his prostate back to the size of a walnut so he may once more enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. We intend that Tom honor all of his authentic desires and is healthy and well in every way. 

Sending and receiving so much love has inspired me to expand my meditation time by opening my heart and sending loving intentions to several individuals who may or may not have shared a stressful condition with me.  

At the same time I express appreciation to each of them for giving me an opportunity to send love I’d been sending good vibes for about 12 weeks when I visited my cardiologist. In a previous visit he discovered a leaky heart valve that he said we had to keep an eye on. This time while listening to my heart he kept saying “hmm, hmm”. When I asked him what that meant he said “Your valve is no longer leaking.” 

Coincidence? I’m sure it isn’t. The power of prayer has been well-documented for decades. Now we have considerable scientific proof of this rebound effect that for me is further proof of our spiritual connection.

 “It seems, then, as if praying is more effective than receiving prayers.” Dr. Sean O’Laoire,   

What’s the bottom line? Well, if stuck in a certain life area perhaps your way to becoming unstuck is to open your heart and lovingly intend well wishes to those who suffer.   

Do so without expectation of return. Do so just because it feels good. 

Who knows Mr. President? Perhaps we don’t really need a stronger, longer wall.