Who or what brings you delightfully alive?

Can you imagine living a life feeling delightfully alive all the time?

When just the thought of something or someone thrills you, that’s your sacred energy guiding you to that person or experience. When you act on that guidance it becomes stronger as does the energy flowing through you.

Within each of us is a life force energy that seeks to break all barriers and flow freely. This energy can never be diminished; it can only temporarily fade when we insist on occupying ourselves with discouraging activities or thoughts.

Your imagination works so much better when you use it to imagine brilliant epiphanies and uplifting feelings of wonder and delight.

What a deal! Just close your eyes and picture what brings you alive. Picture it with so much five-sense detail that it immediately elevates you and nourishes you.

Imagining in the powerful present while intensely feeling your life force energy is the essence of effective visioning.

There’s a very good reason why our minds cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. We are meant to thrive and our imagination was designed in order to guide and deliver us to our waiting magnificence.

Each of us has had a taste of magnificence over the years and if you’ve had it once you can replicate it by the consistent flow of imagined delight. You can create a whole banquet of life-altering experiences simply by seeing and feeling them first in your body and mind’s eye.

I’ve been daily envisioning the life I most want to live since New Year’s day and much of what I’ve imagined has come true. Use these proven tips to empower your vision.

  1. Be sure to use present moment language as if what you desire is already here.
  2. Keep editing the vision as new feelings and images surface.
  3. Use off the-charts gratitude for each imagined scenario.
  4. Include all major life areas because when one improves it brings all others up.
  5. Know that you can create higher and higher, more intensely felt vivid imagining..
  6. Stay up and inspired as long as possible for each session.

By first seeing your greatest desires and feeling them vividly you can create them and enjoy them forever.