Are You Being Called to Love?

What if all judgment,lack, suffering and pain was a call to be more loving? 

Are you open and willing to consider the possibility that greater love would benefit all?

  • What would make it possible for you to love your life more?
  • What would make it possible for you to love others more?
  • What would make it possible for you to love your work more?
  • What would make it possible for you to love yourself more?
  • What would open your heart to receive more love?

What if love is an ever-flowing presence that can only be limited or restricted by each of us?  

What’s stopping you from loving more? Could it be your lack of willingness to receive?  

It’s time to tell the truth to yourself. Yes or no, do you believe that you’d be better off if you loved more and received more love? You are beyond my help if you answered no.

In this case I’m not necessarily talking about romantic love. That kind of intimate love between two individuals is often more challenging to realize because of our subjective biases and tastes.

I am talking about universal love which is a life force energy that’s felt as a deep, emotional, enduring regard for one another.

A felt connection is essential for love.  Love can be tender and calm or intense and fierce but it’s always unconditional and ever-present. 

Love is a state of being. Love isn’t something we do. Some things that we do can appear loving but doing love is subjective. Being more or less loving is something that we realize not do. 

Being open to receiving love is a choice that recognizes our own innate worthiness.  

Do you feel as though your own sense of worthiness is tied to your willingness to feel compassion for yourself? I’m certain that you are worthy of receiving more love.

What imagined fear holds you back from opening your heart? 

Every unloving thought and act is a call for greater love. Isn’t it time for you to answer that call?  

Everything  begins with you and your willingness to love yourself more. Everything good comes to an open heart.