Are you being called to be a natural uplifter?

Inspiring and uplifting others isn’t difficult when it comes naturally and you know it comes naturally to you.

• Does it feel good for you to raise another up?
• Does it inspire you to point out the attributes of others?
• Do you enjoy complimenting others, not necessarily on their achievements, but on what seems to come to them just for being who they are?

Well-being is natural and abundant and you can increase it for everyone just by sincerely acknowledging others for inspiring elevated feelings.

In order for you to be the natural uplifter that you are all you need to do is open your heart and praise unabashedly.

Heartfelt recognition and appreciation elevates everyone.

If this is the case then why do so many bosses go out of their way to withhold recognition and praise?

Why do they act like there’s a shortage of well-being?

This scarcity mindset comes directly from early childhood fear. Decades later it still burns within because most of the attention they received came in experiences of fear, shame and rage.

When a workplace culture dictates management practices infused with darker energies, the stress of constantly insisting that everyone do more sets everyone up for a race that can never be won.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and realize its harmful effect on your being, then you only have four choices and one of them doesn’t offer any relief.

  1. You can fight, complain about the injustice and resist the situation. Do this and you’ll perpetuate it.
  2. You can speak your truth, hold your ground and ask to work with your boss to change it. But he or she may decline.
  3. You can accept things as they are while embracing it as an opportunity to see and speak only of the upside. You can be the natural uplifter that you are. You can be an example of one who inspires and exalts your co-workers.
  4. Or you can quit and remove yourself from the situation.
    Number four will give you some relief. But only choices two or three will allow you to step into the naturally inspiring being that you are and choice two is not entirely up to you.

Please don’t kid yourself. There are no other choices. What choice will you make?