Where you may be now.

If you’re feeling alone, adrift or overwhelmed after a devastating life change I want you to know that there is great benefit in the heart of your situation.  If you’re willing I can guide you to a place of peace, discovery and empowerment.

Having personally faced and felt the life-shattering effects of heartbreak, business failure, divorce, losing a home, bankruptcy and presently cancer, I know how terrifying upheaval can initially be.

Like me you may have been totally floored and unpleasantly surprised that this could even happen to you.

You might feel lost, all on your own and even depressed.   

You may be fearful about breaking the news to others and about what they’ll think of you.

But most of all you want to know what to do moving forward. You recognize how important it is to make the right decisions this time, but you just don’t know how to proceed.

That’s where I come in. A big mess always requires  a big relief that can usually comes from a new approach.  I want to guide you to that relief and resolution.

You require a coach who has your back regardless of where you find yourself. You need someone who believes in you and your capacity to bounce back from struggle and suffering to turn things around, so you can once more feel alive and empowered.

Rising from the ashes you may have heard inner whispers of what you now want but yo’re uncertain about how to get there or even if it’s possible.

If you’ve hit bottom or fear you’re about to it’s your time to understand how life works on the deepest, most meaningful levels.  It’s your time to honor this life lesson and truly understand what’s going on.

You don’t need sympathy or well-meaning friends and relatives telling you that it will be alright.  

Everything can turn out magnificently for you but only after you’ve processed your upsetting feelings and pain and have come around to seeing this devastating experience as the incredible blessing and wake up call that it truly is.

How I stumbled into coaching.

After a big business failure and ending a 19-year marriage I was not feeling good about myself.  I was depressed so I’d go into my woods and select thick dead tree branches. Then I would scream as I imagined beating a foe until I was physically and emotionally spent. This went on for almost three months as I dealt with the shame of failure, bankruptcy and of losing my family’s home.

I had chosen to create this venture by following the advice in the book, Do What You Love & the Money Will Follow. As it turns out the author was only partially correct.  I needed to continue creating anew. That’s what I loved to do but the ongoing management of the enterprise I didn’t love so much.

Anyway, I didn’t have this insight while I was in it and it was very painful to think about, so I pondered what else I had loved professionally and found myself learning the craft of professional speaking. This was in 1998. In the Fall of that year two “coincidences” occurred where I now know my life was guiding me into coaching.  

1). I was in Barnes & Noble looking for another book and Thomas Leonard’s The Portable Coach literally fell off the shelf and onto the floor in front of me.

2). Then a week later a guy came out of the audience in one of my talks and asked. Have you ever done any coaching?

At that time I wasn’t even aware of the profession but that was enough for me. Fast forward 20 years. In those two decades I’ve successfully done life coaching and relationship coaching while finally choosing business start-up coaching.  

Even in that specialty I didn’t do traditional coaching as much as working with those who struggled with making the leap because they were afraid of breaking the news to a partner or possibly earning less money than they were earning as an employee.

Recently I found myself facing life-threatening biopsy results showing that I have two cancerous tumors in my prostate. There’s nothing like being told you have 8.9 years remaining to really start living.

Of course I’m not settling for just 8 or 9 years. It’s my intention to create a complete radical remission of this condition because I know that all conditions are temporary and as such they can be changed.

Life doesn’t happen to us. It happens through as. That means it’s moving in and beyond us.  Whatever challenging condition we happen to be facing is valid and required for us to see what we need to see. So all conditions really are happening for us.

By working together you can move through your biggest life challenge and come out the other side empowered and vibrantly alive.

Your empowered journey begins here with a confidential conversation.