Increasing prosperity with an open heart

The most prosperous energy in the universe is love.  Deep within you know that love is an unlimited feeling energy of abundant well-being.  We all know this on some level and yet we all have withheld love in business rather than freely flowing it. 

Doing business with an open heart is trusting that you will receive the same quality of value that you give because in giving to others we have determined the quality of flow back to us. We may not receive the same support from the exact same source that we gave it to but there is an all encompassing universal accounting of flow be it unconditional love or lessor energies.   

Know that we are all receiving the exact quality of prosperity that we have given.  

What happens when love is withheld from business? Then it becomes more transactional and less relational. Transactional business places the mind and numbers above the heart and feelings.  Doing business as a transaction only is heartless. It doesn’t take into account loving intentions but only judges the exchange.  It takes trust to do business with an open heart. 

  • The trust of knowing that giving is receiving. 
  • The trust in knowing that we are all connected and that when I do damage to you I have first done damage to myself. 

If closed because of limited beliefs in scarcity your heart hungers to open. Love as a fluid energy has the power to influence the flow of all currencies. 

Here’s a loving practice you can experiment with to bring greater love and prosperity into your business. Just by having the courage to ask these questions and follow your heart you will have increased your future flow. 

  • In what ways might I open my heart more often to more people?
  • What would someone who loved herself do right now?
  • What could someone who loved himself be today?
  • Where have I withheld love from my business?
  • Who would appreciate receiving my loving business energy? 
  • What about how business is done irritates me the most? 

If a certain way irritates you there’s something about the way you do business that reflects this irritation. The more intense your annoyance the greater amount of energy is available to you to reclaim.  You can reclaim this locked in energy today and direct it to increase prosperity for all in a loving way. You only have greater love and well-being to gain.