An Experiment in Clarity Connection

A webinar to be held on Wednesday Oct. 23, 5:15 – 6:30 PM Eastern time. 

Most of us seek greater clarity in some meaningful life area. We search for clarity to provide direction and confirmation of decision. The clarity we seek is our personal inner wisdom that’s also seeking our recognition of it. What gets in the way is an assortment of long-standing habits, limiting beliefs and self-judgment. 

It doesn’t matter if we are aware that this assortment is misleading. What matters is using a process that honors individual truth, because without making that choice, we continue down false paths that may be right for others but not us. Truth is unique and tailor-made with the Universe for the benefit of each individual.  

Although our greatest wisdom is individual and distinct, the process for uncovering it is not. Certain universal but little-utilized steps must be taken in order to coax out individual truth. 

The clarity you seek is known within, but Life just won’t give it to you. Life is stingy with the truth until it becomes evident that you are open to seeing it and willing to honor it.

As a twenty-year life and business coach, Tom Volkar has a history of successfully facilitating the process of realizing what matters and how to get there. By participating in this insight on demand experiment, in webinar form, you’ll be guided to connect with the clarity you most need to see at this time. 

Participants will:

  • Choose the most meaningful life area (at this time) in which to reveal their clarity. 
  • Learn how to create an effective insight-on-demand environment.  
  • Learn how to tap into Divine Discernment in order to verify individual wisdom.
  • Come away with the direction and action to empower and actualize their wisdom.

Register today by sending your name in a message with “clarity” in the subject line to Tom will send you a field guide to prepare and participate in this revealing experience.